Welcome to the Big Give Christmas Challenge 2018 webinar series!

These webinars are designed to help you market the campaign to your supporters in order to ensure a successful campaign. They take you step by step through planning a marketing strategy, mapping your supporter base, developing a compelling story about your work and then promoting it effectively.

The first three webinars are designed to follow the structure of the Christmas Challenge 2018 Marketing Guidebook and will be run by the FSI. The other webinars will be lead by experts in the fields and are designed to help you focus on specific channels and subject areas.


Webinar 1: Planning your Christmas Challenge Campaign

2.30pm Monday 15th October 

This webinar will provide an overview of the essential elements needed to plan a successful Christmas Challenge campaign. You will define your campaign objectives, identify the three P’s crucial to your campaign (People, Proposition, Promotional Channels) and start to develop your campaign plans from inception, through to launch and close.


Webinar 2: People and Proposition

2.30pm Tuesday 23rd October

This webinar will offer further detail, tools and tips on how to identify your target audiences and networks in order to maximise the reach of your campaign. It will then explore how you can develop effective fundraising propositions using storytelling to engage and inspire your supporters to donate.


Webinar 3: Effective Promotion of your Christmas Challenge Campaign

12pm Tuesday 30th October

This webinar focuses on the different communication channels you can use to promote the campaign, from social media to press to direct mail, offering a range of tips and tools to maximise each channel.


Webinar 4: Google Ads / SEO

Wednesday 7th November

This webinar focuses on how to approach press coverage including what editors are looking for and how to effectively use case studies.


Webinar 5: Social Media & content


More info coming soon on this webinar.


Webinar 6: Press

More info coming soon on this webinar.