Before the Christmas Challenge





When the Christmas Challenge campaign launches in December



When are donations doubled?

The Christmas Challenge offers you the chance to have your donation doubled to one of the participating charities on when the Christmas Challenge goes live in December.

For example, a £100 online donation made to a participating charity during the Christmas Challenge can be doubled to become £200.

The 2016 Christmas Challenge will go live in December. Find out more about the next Challenge and how to apply to ensure you don’t miss out.

Where does the match funding come from?

The match funding to double donations comes from a combination of philanthropists brought by the Big Give, called ‘Champions’ and charities own major donors called ‘Pledges’.

The Champions’ funds are joined with Pledges from the charities’ major donors to double online donations during the Christmas Challenge on a first-come, first-served basis.

Which charities can I donate to?

You will be able to view which charities are taking part in the Christmas Challenge in the weeks leading up to the Christmas Challenge on

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